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Adios, Sayonara, Good-Bye, This is it...Well boys and girls, we all knew this day would come around sooner or later, and quite honestly, it's about 2 years overdue. Thanks to social media sites, Message Boards have become insignificant for the most part, and our lack of continued participation in the sport has rendered this particular board irrelevant. So, this is the official announcement of The End! Thanks to all involved, it's been one helluva 20 year ride! The P&R Photos Board will be disabled at the end of the month, April 30th. If anyone is interested in a website to host a message board, feel free to contact us.

April 27, 2018, 12:30:26 AM

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Author Topic: 2014 FALL SHOOTOUT ... SEPTEMBER 26-27TH ... DUMPLIN VALLEY RACEWAY  (Read 2182 times)
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Friday, September 26th:

 $350.00 Purse, $40.00 entry fee:
 FH 375
 Clone 375
 Clone 400
 Sr. Champ (Clone)
 Blue Plate Clone
 Green Plate Clone
 ** All above classes have a 5 kart minimum. If minimum not met, 100% payout!!
 *Gates open at 4:00, practice at 6:00!!

 Saturday, September 27th:

 $1000.00 Purse, $60.00 entry fee:
 Clone 350
 Clone 375
 Clone 400
 Open Modified
 Limited Modified
 ** 10 kart minimum or 100% payback

 $500.00 Purse, $50.00 entry fee:
 Clone 330
 Clone 425
 Sr. Champ (Animal 425)
 ** 8 kart minimum or 100% payback

 $350.00 Purse, $40.00 entry fee:
 Clone 350
 Clone 375
 Blue Plate Clone Lite
 Blue Plate Clone Heavy
 Green Plate Clone Lite
 Green Plat Clone Heavy
 Sr. Champ (Animal 425)
 ** 5 kart minimum or 100% payback

 Mixed 375 Trophy Race ( FH & Clone) $10.00 entry fee

 * Gates open at 10:00 AM, practice at 12:00 PM!

 Burris 33a or b33a on all flat karts.
 Burris 55 on Champ karts
 2014 AKRA rules apply to all Clone motors.
 Open clutch rule.
 All Jr. clone classes must run small pipe w/ muffler.
 Gate fee $15.00 for each day or $25.00 for both days.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. For reserved parking, call Steve Horner @ 865-548-3542. We hope to see everyone there!!!

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