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Adios, Sayonara, Good-Bye, This is it...Well boys and girls, we all knew this day would come around sooner or later, and quite honestly, it's about 2 years overdue. Thanks to social media sites, Message Boards have become insignificant for the most part, and our lack of continued participation in the sport has rendered this particular board irrelevant. So, this is the official announcement of The End! Thanks to all involved, it's been one helluva 20 year ride! The P&R Photos Board will be disabled at the end of the month, April 30th. If anyone is interested in a website to host a message board, feel free to contact us.

April 27, 2018, 12:20:13 AM

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Author Topic: Wayne Overton family ...  (Read 2385 times)
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The karting community lost another member today with the passing of Wayne Overton who lost his life as a result of an auto accident.

Please keep his Dad Tommy, and the entire Overton family in your thoughts and prayers.

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Thoughts and Prayers to the Overton family.

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sorry for your lost
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