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March 18, 2018, 05:27:05 AM

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Author Topic: Predator Modified / Friday  (Read 1112 times)
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***** Limited and Predator Modified ******

Okay limited guys , we need a few of you guys to show up and lets see some action on the track. I am adding the modified predator to the mix and as of now , I have not seen one that could run with a limited.

That's okay , we know there are some builders out there who can put the tricks in one of these engines and make some speed !

Limited guys , we hear every week that might and maybe you will come. We really would like to see it happen. No better show on the track than a good field of limited karts. All we need is you and that fast machine !! Dust it off and have some fun !

Predator modified , even if these guys do not show , build you engine and bring it out. As an incentive for you.

We will allow you to turn some laps and set a fast time. If you beat the fast time of the night for all karts you win a $100

For every tenth you beat that speed , I will give another $25. per tenth.

So if you can better the fast time of the night in all classes by a 1/2 second , I will pay you $200. That is an incentive for you, the builder to show us what you can build. Give it a try , show us that you can take this predator engine under our loosely written rules and outrun any thing on the track.

Here are those rules, good luck!!!!!

1) Any engine can be claimed for $500, If you start the race , you can claim.

2) Engine must have an approved billet flywheel

3) Engine must run on gasoline

4) Engine must run approved wiener pipe

5) Engine must run predator or clone carb

6) Block must be a 212 cc Harbor Freight Engine

7) No refusal of claim

8) 15 and older driver

9) Only visual tech on flywheel, block, and carb

10) Maxxis tires only

Randy Brown
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