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March 18, 2018, 05:30:00 AM

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Author Topic: Friday May 22 @ Hanging Rock USA <> $500 Guaranteed <> Fast ~ Fun ~ Affordable  (Read 2495 times)
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Friday May 22 @ Hanging Rock USA <> $500 Guaranteed <> Fast ~ Fun ~ Affordable

$$$ 500 $$$ Friday, May 22nd @ Hanging Rock USA !! $$$ 500 $$$

 **** Friday, May 22nd / Gates open @ 5 pm Practice @ 7pm ****

 Hanging Rock Kartway returns to action Friday May 22nd for another exciting edition of "Fun Day At The Rock"

 Friday is fun day at HRK and could be an extra payday for a successful team on Friday nights. Our last three races we have managed to pay the winners of our pro clone classes the advertised $500 winners share. Even though the minimums ere not met in one class each race , we give the competitors a chance to meet us half way and chip in to meet the KM . They have done so and we are glad to have paid the purse.!!
 The first race we went over our minimums and raised the purse!! Folks HRK is quickly becoming a great track to race on Fridays and a track that pays great purses!! That's not all we offer , we have a couple of clone classes that pay $200 to win with a $20 entry fee.

 Not affordable enough ? Try our predator classes at $10 entry fees and a $200 to win class also!! The predator classes are really growing and this past week we had classes of 16 and 13 and 11 entries!! Not bad for a Friday show.

 Friday is fun day at The Rock and we also let the ladies have a little track time as well. This is becoming a popular class for the ladies and always a thrilling show.

 Three lady races and three winners. Jamee Blackmon , Leah Sweat and Brittany McAteer have all took turns at the top spot and I am sure we will add more names to that list as we progress this season !!

 Speaking of the predator folks. I have witnessed it myself and as an old racer I am amazed at the fact older karts and equipment are running up front each week. Some of these guys are winning with early 2000 karts. I kid you not , this makes this package a truly budget format with those results.

 Time and time again , I hear the racers who have raced for years say they have never had so much fun as they do racing the predator. Our new rpm /governor rule has quieted the talk of cheating and now the classes are starting to grow again.

 This brings up a not so bright spot in our program which is our JR racing. We hit an all time low this week when I had to watch a racer load up and go home because of no JR racers. The decision I am making here may not be a popular decision at first , but a must if we are to be a track with jr racing in our program.

 Effective this week ALL jr racing will utilize the predator engine. We will no longer offer any clone engine classes in jr racing. Including pee wee.

 Under our new jr program it will only have two divisions. JR 1 which will be 5 to 8 and JR 2 which will be 9 to 13.

 There are several reasons for this change , but two primary goals we hope to accomplish moving to this format.

 The first important thing is without a restrictor plate these engines can be ran in different classes. A mom and a son or daughter could ride the same kart since the seat would work in most cases. Only a change on the back gear and clutch will be needed.

 The speed of the predator engine unrestricted is not faster than a restricted clone and in some cases , may be slower.

 The second is to make sure a racer knows what is running. Instead of four divisions , we only have two. Instead of four restrictor plates , we have none. We will also allow our 13 year old and up drivers to choose an adult light class if they choose.

 So far I have seen 4 drivers fit this category and three of them have won the light class against adult competition. The jr racers are so much better that a step up early is necessary if you have aspirations of furthering your child's racing career.

 Some thirteen year old drivers are wheeling late models and if your driver is still driving a restricted go kart , that is the equivalent of being in sixth grade versus a twelfth grader. The experience young Tyler Sheets got this week was invaluable to his future development.

 His winning clone light gives him confidence knowing that moving to an unrestricted adult class will not be a concern in his thought process going forward and he will be ready when that time comes..

 Suppose your 13 or 14 year old needs more time to develop. No problem , a 13 year old can compete in JR 2 and the 14 year old can develop his or her skills in the predator 325 class.

 This change will help us to grow jr racing to a new level we believe. Now a newbie can come to the track with an old kart and enter his kid in a class and rent the engine or buy it at the track this will simplify the jr racing in a big way going forward.

 The predator engine is more competitive over all and will really be a great learning tool for the young racers to learn how to race close.

 The three pee wee drivers that ran this past week will receive a free engine rental until July if they choose to attend.

 I know some of you will not like this decision and I understand. There are several close by tracks to continue to race the clone engine. For HRK it is our only option going forward.

 I know it will not be popular , but facts are facts. Truthfully if I had a jr racer I would not risk the chance of coming to our track , knowing under the current format , you may have to load up and head home. Facts are facts and we simply no longer have a jr racing program at HRK.

 No jr teams are willing to race here anymore , but with your patience we will rebuild our jr racing program for the future. Remember , if we get five karts in each class or either class , the winner of the dash for cash / free entry fee will win $100 !!

 Please let us know if you would like to rent an engine for this week and we will reserve the engine for you. After racing that engine , you can purchase it for $130 if you like.

 In closing , Friday nights have been a success at HRK. We have picked up our driver count by an average of ten karts since going to Friday's. There is much work left to do , to make the track profitable. We will began to roll out flyers and other means to grow our crowd of spectators.

 In recognizing the need to increase spectator's , we are reducing the number of adult classes to 8 total plus ladies. As I mentioned above we have not had any jr racing. This reduction in classes is necessary if kart racing is to be spectator friendly.

 Over the last few weeks I have studied what racers are willing to race with us on a Friday. Although our program covers most racers , some may not find a class to compete in at HRK. We understand that , but we also understand that Friday racing can not accommodate all the different class of racers in a timely manner

 Instead going forward we will focus on the posted classes below and grow a strong following of racers in the classes we offer. We are still very interested in getting our Predator Modified package going.

 If enough racers of a certain class not on the list get together and post here that they will attend, we will try and work that class into the schedule. Our plans are to race during the summer on a two on and one off schedule for Friday nights.

 We have been finishing around 1 am so far , but our goal is to cut the time to around 11:30 as we sharpen the program and our execution of the process.

 We hope you will join us Friday , May 22nd , gates open at 5pm and practice at 7pm.


 $$ Special Fast Time Challenge at Intermission $$

 Free Entry / $100 if you can set fast time / any engine that meets gasoline fuel requirements of clone classes. Must have billet flywheel.

 ***** You must enter at signups and you must set fast time after qualifying and before mains *****


 Featured Classes -- Open Maxxis Tires
 .................................................. .................................................. ...

 Pro Clone 375 #1- 1st - $500 2nd - $100 3rd - $50 / $40 entry / Guaranteed

 Pro Clone 375 #2- 1st - $500 2nd - $100 3rd - $50 / $40 entry / 15 Km

 Clone 400lb - 185lb - 1st - $200 2nd - $50 3rd - $25 / $20 entry / 12 Km

 ~~~~~ 13 years and up for the light classes ~~~~~

 Clone Light - 1st - $200 2nd - $50 3rd - $25 / $20 entry / 12 Km


 JR Racing Class Rules And Classes - * Open Tires Any Brand *

 ***** We will have 10 predator engines available for rental starting this week for a cost of $30 or you can purchase an engine from us with throttle setup for $130 / You may also bring your predator engine and race with us in the jr classes *****

 JR 1 : 5 to 8 year old / Predator Engine / Gear To Be Determined

 JR 2 : 9 to 13 year old / Predator Engine / Gear To Be Determined
 .................................................. .................................................. ................................

 JR 1 - Dash for cash $20 to win or $100 to win with five karts / $0

 JR 1 - $10 entry fee - 100 % payback

 JR 2 - Dash for cash $20 to win or $100 to win with five karts / $0

 JR 2 - $10 entry fee - 100 % payback


 Predator Classes ~~ 13 and up Maxxis el tires
 .................................................. .................................................. ......

 Women's Predator - Free Entry $20 to win + 1/2 of 50 / 50 tickets

 Predator 325 - $10 entry / 100% payback * can not run pro *

 Predator 375 - 1st - $200 2nd - $50 3rd - $25 / $20 entry / 12 Km

 Predator 350 - $10 entry / 100% payback

 Predator 400 / 185 driver - $10 entry / 100%payback


 ***** $10 ins and scoring fee all drivers ***** We will race any class with two or more entries


 Adults $10
 Under 10 free

 1082 Horton Rollins Rd
 Kershaw SC
 Gates open at 5 pm Practice at 7 pm

Randy Brown
Full Member

Posts: 133
********* Attention : JR Racers **********

Starting this week all JR racing will utilize the predator engine. If you would like to rent or purchase an engine at the track, we will have a few available.

The jr divisions will be divided into two divisions with both using the same engine as our popular HRK predator classes. The classes will be regulated with a gear rule in order to control speed as needed.

We think in time we can grow this format to a larger group of jr racers and add new racers to our sport through a simpler and more cost efficient engine package.

The age groups will be cut from four groups current to only two groups with the predator. Those two groups are :

JR 1 : 5 to 8 year old / gear to be determined

JR 2 : 9 to 13 year old / gear to be determined

13 and up drivers can choose between Clone Light or Predator Light or JR 2. A !3 year old can not run the adult classes and JR 2.

We understand this will be a process and are patient with the outcome as we move along with the season. Our patience grows primarily from the fact we do not have a JR program as we speak and so the time it will take to grow these divisions will not take away from the current format , since we have none.

The decision to move in this direction comes because the last three or four races we have not been able to determine how many would compete in our jr divisions or if any at all would show.

This has led to teams not willing to race at HRK because of the un certainty. Going forward it may require new racers to get these divisions started.

Growing a format from a clean sheet of paper is not a new experience for the track. Our current HRK predator classes were started over a year ago and through our patience and control of the rules , has grown into a successful engine package for racers of all backgrounds.

The great completion and ability to use older equipment has been an added benefit for those looking to have fun at the lowest cost possible.

In the future our JR predator division's will certainly become a better fit for the racers of HRK and the growth potential for an engine package that can be rented at the track or purchase the track will better fit todays plug and play mentality.

A father and son now can enter our sport at a total cost of less than $300 for engines. The comparison if a father and son purchased a clone from a top builder would be around $1800.

With these numbers it is not hard to see why we have so little growth in our sport. As we move forward we hope some of the jr teams who have raced with us in the past will get on board and help us grow.

The fact that we have only two jr divisions will help us step up our support of the jr racing through higher purses and better incentives. Look at the program we will offer over the next few races and again join in and help us get started.

You can choose to rent or purchase your engine or you may bring your own. We are confident that once you try this type of racing , you will want to join in over and over.

Thanks for supporting HRK and we hope to kick off our brand new jr racing program on Friday , May 22nd . Gates open at 5 pm and practice at 7pm.


JR Racing Class Rules And Classes - * Open Tires Any Brand *

***** We will have 10 predator engines available for rental starting this week for a cost of $30 or you can purchase an engine from us with throttle setup for $130 / You may also bring your predator engine and race with us in the jr classes *****

JR 1 : 5 to 8 year old / Predator Engine / Gear To Be Determined

JR 2 : 9 to 13 year old / Predator Engine / Gear To Be Determined
 .................................................. .................................................. ................................

JR 1 - Dash for cash $20 to win or $100 to win with five karts / $0

JR 1 - $10 entry fee - 100 % payback

JR 2 - Dash for cash $20 to win or $100 to win with five karts / $0

 JR 2 - $10 entry fee - 100 % payback

Randy Brown
Full Member

Posts: 133
Check out all the action and results at our FB page. We post qualifying and race results as they happen. Follow this link to all the action taking place at The Home Of Speed : https://www.facebook.com/HangingRockSC

Randy Brown
Full Member

Posts: 133
***** Jr Divisions *****

I have decided to delay the change to predator until July 1st. That being said we will run any jr class that has entries including the two jr predator classes announced this week.

Pee Wee Red , Jr 1 Green , Jr 2 , Purple , Jr 3 Blue , Jr predator 1 & 2 will all be offered if we get entries until July 1st.

At that time I hope to have the system in place to make the change and it will also give the racers more time to prepare.

I am only adopting this change because quite honestly we have no Jr  participation. A change in this status would certainly weigh on my decision to proceed with this change.

The last few weeks we have not had any entries except Pee Wee. My advice to help get teams here is for you guys to announce your desire to race at HRK.

Maybe if you announce your plans to come , others will not be so hesitant to make the drive to the track.

As an incentive for teams committing to HRK , we will run a dash for the cash free entry class. Less than five entries and the pay is $20 to win. Five or more and the pay is $100 to win.

This is in addition to our very affordable $10 entry / 100% payback class.

We hope your team will consider racing with us. This is a great racetrack for Jr drivers to compete and learn. All you need to do is write a simple comment confirming you would like to race at HRK.

In doing so others would know they have other karts to race.

My goal is to figure out a solution to help young racers participate and grow new racers. Your help will go a long way in achieving that goal. By announcing your plans ahead of time , you become a valuable part of the structure.

It will build unity among jr racing families.

It will help increase entries in your division because others will want to go where the karts are.

It will help a promoter like me to know how to plan for the purses. If 20 jr teams announced through the week they were racing, we could up the incentives for that class.

We can grow the jr racing again by simple means if we work to together , both teams and promoters.

To the contrary if teams remain silent and no teams commit to HRK. I am afraid that Jr racing will entirely disappear from racing at HRK.

We have reached a stage that "No" jr racer is willing to travel here any longer for fear of no entries.

I beg you to consider this if HRK was or is your Jr teams home track. The current adult participation will probably be enough for HRK to continue to operate as a track. For me personally even though the racing is very exciting , a big part of HRK history has been lost and may never return.

HRK is a part of mine and many families racetrack memories. Many of todays stars have started a successful career at HRK. Many have used it as special time in life as those young racers have grown from children to men and women and parents , become grandparents it seems overnight..

You can help me return Jr racing to HRK.  I do not need your money. In fact I have gave all the gate back in purses at times. I do not need your time helping at the track. What I am asking is to help right here through social media.

The best platform ever created to get a message out. It is simple. Make a commitment today . And then  make a comment on here that your team is considering racing here on Friday night. If this Friday does not work for you . Then  make that post the next time you can race with us.

Each race I will separate the Jr program into its own post. Under that post, comment if you plan to attend. Do that every race and we will see results. Some people are shy about posting on Social media. I get it. But I am not asking an opinion or conversation.

Post this simple sentence and that is all you need to write.

" I would like to race at HRK Friday night "

Mom , Dad , it really is that simple. You get it started and in time it will become standard protocol.

I understand that there are dozens of tracks to race and fact is some could care less if this track races or not. Those racers will not take the lead. The team I am talking to is that team who really likes to race close to home and will be effected by no racing here.

I can not convince a team to travel a couple hours to race with us.  You can ,by letting those guys know that your team will be there , even if its only to cut laps for practice if we have no race.

I hope many of you will consider my words. I will continue to try each race to get entries , as I do each race now. Thanks for reading the post and we hope to again have Jr racing at HRK in the near future.

Randy Brown
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