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March 18, 2018, 05:25:39 AM

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Author Topic: Saturday December 12th @ Hanging Rock Kartway @ Kershaw SC RE : $500 Guaranteed  (Read 1950 times)
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Hanging Rock Winter Season Begins This Week December 12th !!!!!

 Winter racing at The Rock is a fun time for racers in the offseason and as we kick off our season we have many exciting races to come throughout the winter. Our seventh annual King of The Rock series will run from early January until the end of March. Many exciting details to come about that series and we welcome sponsor inquiries to help support what is considered one of the most challenging and exciting track championships in our area.

Here is the race program for December 12th. We have many exciting and affordable classes and we hope to have a great race.

We are doing something a bit different for the all jr classes!! We will have free gate for all jr racers! We will have free entry for all jr. racers! We will have free pit passes for all jr racers!

 So that is a real bargain if you would like to get a jr racer on the track while still staying in the Christmas budget. One more thing. We will put $10 per entry into each jr class. The purse in each class will go to 1st and 2nd place finishers. Totally free jr racing, you cannot go wrong there for sure this time of the year.

We will post all jr and adult rules and weights in a later post.
 1082 Horton Rollins Rd
 Kershaw SC
 Gates open at 10 am Practice at 12 pm
 Adults $10
 Kids $5 9 to 12
 Under 9 free
 **** $5 after 4pm for everyone ****

Clone 375 1st $500 2nd $100 3rd $50 / Entry fee $35 /guaranteed
Clone 350 1st $300 2nd $100 3rd $50 / Entry fee $25 /guaranteed
Clone 375 EL 1st $300 2nd $100 3rd $50 / Entry fee $25 /16 KM
Clone 410 1st $300 2nd $100 3rd $50 / Entry fee $25 /16 KM
Predator 375 1st $300 2nd $100 3rd $50 / Entry fee $25 /16 KM

Clone 325 , Clone 375 , Senior Stock , Predator 400 , Clone EL 350
           1st $100 2nd $50 3rd $25 / Entry fee $15 / 8 KM


Jr racing classes . These class will qualify , heat race and main event , but only compete in one main event.

Pee Wee >> 5-8 --Open Clutch GEAR RULE...17/ 69 235 lbs---
 Flathead Engine -Purple plate (.425) pipe w/ RLV 8-91 Adult silencer,FH-.049 no go on the jet
 Clone engine--- Red Plate (.375 ) w/ RLV B-91 mini silencer,
 Body must be Jr. Body no more than 14" from ground to highest point of body with wheels mounted on kart measured anywhere on the body....We will give you one race to get your body in compliance. No Fairings of windshields, open top steering wheels recommended.
 SPORTSMAN I .... Mixed Engine class .... age 8-10 Open Clutch, Clone engine 265 lbs-Green plate (.425)pipe w/ RLV B-91 mini silencer
 SPORTSMAN II ..... Mixed Engine class age 10-12 Open Clutch Clone engine 290 lbs---Purple plate (.500) pipe RLV w/ B-91 mini silencer,
 JR. SPORTSMAN III ….Mixed Engine class NOTE: This is an Unrestricted Class age 12-15 Open Clutch, Clone engine…. 320 lbs....Unrestricted .......(No Plate)...RLV 8-91 (Adult silencer) Aluminum Billet Flywheel Mandatory or New PVL flywheel Jr. III Drivers may also run Lite class if they are at the cross over age of 14 this gives them an extra class in which to run in and get experience before moving up into the adult classes.

Jr Predator

HRK predator rules ..ages 9 to 13... Gear rule to be instituted at the track


These are the classes we will race this week. In time some classes that have low kart numbers will be replaced by other new classes. We do not want to add additional classes to the program. We hope you can make it out for our first race this..
 Saturday December 12th.
 Gates open at 10 am and practice at 12pm.
 1082 Horton Rollins Rd
 Kershaw SC
 Randy Brown 704-201-1972
 Justin Kirby 803-209-0943

Randy Brown
Full Member

Posts: 133
**** Free Jr Racing ****.
Bring out the whole team Saturday Dec 12th. Mom Dad and the whole family can afford this race.
No entry fee
No gate fee
No pit pass fee
$10 per driver purse in all jr classes
This is the time of the year to keep a tight budget and we at HRK are the masters at saving the racer money.
Come out to HRK Saturday , December 12th for a great afternoon of racing.
A great time to sharpen your teams skills , a great track to learn on and above all . " Affordable for everyone"
You will love every lap around "The Home Of Speed / The Rock" !!!!!

Randy Brown
Full Member

Posts: 133
Saturday ,December 12th should be a great day for racing in the Carolinas. Bring out the family and friends for an exciting day of racing at a legendary track!

Free Jr racing , no entry, no pit pass, no gate. What a bargain for this time of year.

Adult clones will do battle for a $500 and $300 to win guaranteed cash grab !!

That not all we have a half dozen affordable ,yet competitive classes at $15 !

Just starting out ? Try our predator or jr predator classes. Straight out of the box , bolt it on and go racing!!

Top to bottom , no track offers the deals and thrills of the only track they call "The Home Of Speed / The Rock " !!

Randy Brown
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