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March 22, 2018, 06:58:16 PM

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Author Topic: 2015 TECH SPECIFICATIONS & PROCEDURES  (Read 4794 times)
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BOX STOCK CLONE:    Engine specifications and tech procedures per 2015 AKRA Tech Manual (Box Stock 6.5 OHV) and applicable updates.

BRIGGS & STRATTON STOCK RAPTOR 5HP:     Engine specifications and tech procedures per 2015 WKA Tech Manual (section 701) and applicable updates.

BRIGGS & STRATTON ANIMAL:    Engine specifications and tech procedures per 2015 WKA Tech Manual (section 704) and applicable updates.


TECH:    Engines will be teched as raced and as presented at post race weight check. All engines, regardless of qualifying/finishing position, will be subject to tech.

FUEL:    Ethanol/Gasoline Mix only (87 octane) ... no additives allowed.  Competitors fuel will be tested using a Digitron fuel tester  and  compared to that of a controlled known fuel sample, with an acceptable range of legality of +/- 20 from that of the known sample .   Use of the Digatron tester will be considered a definitive test for determining the legality of a competitors fuel.  In addition to  the use of the Digatron tester, the track reserves the right to use any means or procedure to ensure fuel legality, including visual (color) and odor (smell) testing. 

The designated station for purchasing fuel for the Box Stock and Predator Classes, will be the Li'l Cricket Station/Convenience Store at 1906 Highway 101 S, Greer, SC (exit 60 off I-85).  this location was chosen due to its proximity to the track and should provide a convenient location for most competitors to purchase fuel.  Fuel from this location will be the standard for comparison, so purchasing fuel from this source will provide the highest assurance of fuel being in compliance with the testing procedure(s).

IT IS THE COMPETITOR'S RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THEIR FUEL IS LEGAL.  Purchasing fuel from the designated source does not guarantee legality. In addition to the source of the fuel, a number of factors can affect the results of the fuel testing, such as contamination of fuel storage containers or fuel tanks, use of dirty/contaminated funnel, old fuel, etc. 

TIRES:  Maxxis Tire Only .......  (Predator Classes EL Maxxis only)

FUEL TANK:    Floor mounted fuel tank mandatory for all Box stock classes.

WEIGHTS:    All weights must be painted white and attached with a minimum 5/16" diameter bolt.  All bolts must be cotter-keyed or double nutted.  Seat lead must be bolted in.  No weights allowed on the driver, nerf bars or rear bumper.

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