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March 22, 2018, 07:14:55 PM

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Author Topic: 2016 BIG 3 CHALLENGE SERIES ... RACE #6 ... AUGUST 27TH ... TECH INFORMATION  (Read 1021 times)
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All Box Stock Clone Classes will run under 2016 AKRA/NKA engine rules .... Competitors must declare a rule set under which engine will be teched ...  Engines must be in compliance with the entire rule set for the declared organization.

The following color/size restrictor plates will be in effect:

PeeWee       Red Plate   .375” ... small pipe/silencer
Junior 1       Green Plate   .425” ... small pipe/silencer
Junior 2       Purple Plate  .500” ... small pipe/silencer
Junior 3       Blue Plate   .550” ... small pipe/silencer
All competitors must present a helmet with a current approval rating meeting 2016 AKRA helmet specification:   

“...(Full-face helmets designed for competitive motorsports use, that comply with Snell Foundation specifications M2005, SA2005, K98, K2005 or SFI 24.1, 31.1A, 31.2A, 31.1/2005, 41.1/2005, 41.2a or FIA 8860-2004 or Snell-FIA CMS/CMR2007 or ECE-22.05 “.

Helmets will be subject to check at any time during the event .. the use of a non-approved/certified helmet will result in the competitor being disqualified from the event.

All karts must display 4 legible numbers on body ... front nose, each side panel, and rear bumper.  Rear panel must be attached to rear bumper and be a standard  (7" x 9") unaltered panel consisting of a black panel, with white numbers, or a white panel with black numbers.  Rear numbers must be a standard simple font with minimum 6” height ... no custom fonts, multi colored, shaded, or outlined numbers allowed on rear panel.

No helmet mounted cameras allowed ... all cameras/recorders must be securely mounted on the top, and within the confines of the bodywork.

14” maximum nose/body height for PeeWee, JR 1, and JR 2  karts, ... measured from ground to highest point on nose/body ... no steering shaft panel/visors allowed.

Driver Ages 5-7
AKRA Red Plate Clone, Wennie Pipe, 235lb Min Weight ... 87 octane ethanol/gasoline mix   
or WKA Purple Plate Flathead, .048” Max jet, 250lb Min weight ... methanol only
Junior Bodies (14" maximum nose height)
Chest protectors are mandatory for all PeeWee Class drivers, and must be presented at pre-tech.
Maxxis tires Only ... 6" diameter wheels and tires only ... 36" Max Circumference
Mandatory Gear: 17 Clutch/69 Rear ... no skip tooth, partial tooth, or altered tooth, gears/clutches
Open clutch (shoe or disk)

All Predator classes will run Southeastern Predator Group (SPG) rules with the exception of flywheel  ... NO  BILLET FLYWHEELS ALLOWED.

SPG/Big 3 Series rules will take precedence over local track rules.

SPG protest/claim rules and procedures will be in effect.

Predator Classes will run a mandatory spec gear  ....
(no skip tooth, partial tooth, or altered tooth, gears/clutches) 

350 lb      17 clutch/56 rear axle
375 lb      17 clutch/58 rear axle
425 lb      17 clutch/60 rear axle

Maxxis EL tires only for all Predator classes

The designated station for purchasing fuel for the Box Stock and Predator Classes, will be the Li'l Cricket Station/Marathon/Convenience Store at 1906 Highway 101 S, Greer, SC (exit 60 off I-85).  this location was chosen due to its proximity to the track and should provide a convenient location for most competitors to purchase fuel.  The specified fuel is 87 octane ethanol/gasoline mix ... no additives allowed.  Fuel from this location will be the standard for comparison, so purchasing fuel from this source will provide the highest assurance of fuel being in compliance with the testing procedure(s).

IT IS THE COMPETITOR'S RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THEIR FUEL IS LEGAL.  Purchasing fuel from the designated source does not guarantee legality.

All karts must be presented for pre-race inspection, and comply with all required items, before receiving an inspection sticker.  No karts will be allowed on the track at any time without an affixed inspection sticker.

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