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January 19, 2018, 12:36:10 AM

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Author Topic: SPRING SHOOTOUT!! ... April 25th -26th ... Dumplin Valley Raceway  (Read 2285 times)
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SPRING SHOOTOUT!! Dumplin Valley Raceway, 5 days away!! UPDATED EVENT POST!!!!!

Spring Shootout April 25-26: Over $12,000 In Purses

Friday Night, April 25th, Gates Open @ 4:00 PM Practice @ 6:00 PM

 $250 To Win; $500 Purses, $50 Entry Fee:
 365 Flathead
 365 Clone
 Sr Champ (425lb Animal)

 $200 To Win; $350 Purses, $40 Entry Fee
 Jr. Sportsman II (Blue Plate, Animal 290lb, Flathead 290lb)
 Jr. Sportsman III (Gold Plate, Animal 320lb, Flathead 300lb)
 Green Plate Clone 280lb Age 8-12
 Blue Plate Clone (320 lb Age 10-15)

 **5 Kart Minimum in each class or 100% Payback!!!

 Saturday, April 26th, Gates Open @ 10:00 AM, Practice 12:00 PM

 $500 To Win; $1000 Purse, $60 Entry Fee
 Pro 365 Flathead
 Pro 350 Clone
 Pro 375 Clone
 Pro 400 Clone
 Open Modified
 UAS Allstars

 $250 To Win; $500 Purse, $50 Entry Fee
 Limited Modified

 $200 To Win; $350 Purse, $40 Entry Fee
 Clone Lite (330lb)
 Clone Medium (350lb)
 Clone Heavy (375lb)
 Clone Super Heavy (400lb)
 Clone Sumo Heavy (425lb)
 365 Flathead
 Sr Champ Lite (410lb Clone)
 Sr Champ Heavy (425lb Clone)
 Blue Plate Clone (320lb Age 10-15)
 Green Plate Clone (280lb Age 8-12)

 $100 To Win; $30 Entry Fee, $175 Purse
 Blue Plate Clone 320lb
 Green Plate Clone 280lb

 **5 Kart Minimum in each class or 100% Payback

 *Burris Tire Rule: 33A's For Flat Karts / 55's For All Champ Karts!
 *Open clutch, big pipe on all adult clone classes!!
 *Jr. clone classes must run a small pipe!!
 *2014 AKRA rules!
 ** If you need reserved parking, call Steve Horner @ 865-548-3542

 *** Be sure and bring your radio!! We will be broadcasting over 100.0 FM both nights!!

 Hope to see everyone there!!


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