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March 22, 2018, 07:23:45 PM

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Author Topic: 2017 Patriot Speedway Jr Predator Rules  (Read 796 times)
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We will follow the same rules as the adult HR class being an unrestricted engine. Here are the following rules:
Age 9-14. .. open clutch
19 / 56 clutch and gear rule ( no skip tooth )
 250 lb weight.
Maxxis open tires
RPM rule on the governor.
4500 RPM max
 To get to the rpm you adjust the throttle stop screw to come in before the required rpm rule. You may remove the spring on that screw and replace it with a nut so that you can keep it locked into the desired rpm.
RPM will be checked with a tach of tracks choosing
4500 RPM max.
An engine that is over the rpm mark will be disqualified. Arguing with us over what’s legal and what’s not will not be tolerated. The governors must kick in when checked.
No claim in this class, Protest only. Must finish in the money or capable of moving into the money in order to protest. Must finish behind the person you are wanting to protest. No protesting behind you. (See protest rules under the note section)
 1) The engine must be OEM out of the box…hemi heads are allowed in this class
 2) The governor must be connected and operational
 3) The air filter must be a stock unit. The air filter and sock must be installed per factory.
      All holes to the air box must be plugged.
 4) The engine must have a key as installed by factory in the flywheel
 5) The engine must pass a governor test on the stand if asked 4500 max
 6) Protest Fee $100 w/ 30 to accept. 
 7) You may disconnect vent tube on tank
 8) You must run the factory gas tank.
 9) Gas cap may be drilled to prevent vapor lock. Multiple holes allowed.
 10) Stock OEM Exhaust system as from factory.
       Hemi head must run hemi muffler. Straight plug head must run OEM muffler. No hemi
       Mufflers allowed with a non hemi head. No swapping of parts allowed.
11) You may disconnect throttle stop screw
 12) You can only bolt on a chain guard, no other aftermarket parts allowed
 13) You can disconnect wire used for oil sensor and tape it.
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