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Author Topic: Admission and gate Time: 2017  (Read 663 times)
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Patriot Speedway Kart Club
General admission $10 per person
Kids 7 years and under will be admitted free unless your child is racing which then would be $10 The only exception would be Our Special Money Races that are marked (*) on our schedule .....go to  Kart Schedule 2017 under the "NOTES " section
Kids 7 yrs and under free...... children that are  racing, will be $10
 Pro Series Events :
These Traveling Pro Series will visit our track during the season Patriot Speedway will post flyers of the events. For parking and specific class structure and race related information you will need to contact each promoter of these series.....Each events is ran by the series promoting the race and Gate prices will vary.
Day of race : We race every Saturday listed on the Kart race schedule under "NOTES" we plan on at least 36 race dates during the 2017 season. Time of race : gates usually open on race day about 2-hours before we start. If you are traveling and need special accommodations call this number in advance ....( 704- 739-9600 ) Our Season begins in March and runs thru Nov. unless we have to many rain outs and have to run into Dec. Spring Months ( March thru April ) Gates open at 2:00 PM.....Practice begins at 4:00 PM Summer Months ( May thru Aug. ) Gates open at 3:00 PM ....Practice begins at 5:00 PM  Fall Months ( Sept thru Nov. )  Gates open at 2:00 PM .....Practice begins at 4:00 PM  There are always exceptions ...Emergencies or weather etc:  but this is the time routine we will follow.
Thank You for choosing Patriot Speedway
Boyd Maloney
Event Promoter / Operator
704-739-9600  evenings only.

Boyd Maloney
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