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March 22, 2018, 07:24:58 PM

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Author Topic: POINT BREAKDOWN  (Read 689 times)
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Position Finished       Points Earned          Addition                     Addition

            1                         100           Plus # of entries      Plus 5 starting points

            2                           90                      "                              "

            3                           80                      "                              "

            4                           75                      "                              "

            5                           70                      "                              "

            6                           65                      "                              "

            7                           60                      "                              "

            8                           55                      "                              "

            9                           50                      "                              "

           10                          45                      "                              "

           11                          40                      "                              "

           12                          35                      "                              "

           13                          30                      "                              "

           14                          25                      "                              "

           15                          20                      "                              "

           16                          15                      "                              "

           17                          10                      "                              "

           18                            5                      "                              "

           19                            5                      "                              "

           20                            5                      "                              "

           21                            5                      "                              "

           22                            5                      "                              "

           23                            5                      "                              "

           24                            5                      "                              "

           25                            5                      "                              "



On point nights all participants will be charged a point fee of $5.00 whether you are racing for points or not. All point money collected during the year will go toward purchase of Awards and Trophies  for all classes and year end Champions. First, second and third will be recognized at the awards banquet.  Every driver racing on a point night receives points even if they race there only once a season. At year end if we end up in a tie .We will then look at the racer with the most 2nd place finishes to be the tie breaker ...In the event it is still a tie we will look at the most 3rd place finishes to determine a winner and so forth.



There will be 12 point races with your best 10 finishes (points) going to your total score for the class championship. If you race all 12 point races you will receive 100 bonus points. Everyone will drop their 2 worst finishes. You may drop a zero (if you did not race or take a green flag in the main event) but you cannot drop a DQ.  In order for a class to be eligible for points and awards that class must maintain at a minimum of 6 entries for 9 of the 12 races. If you are DQ'ed in tech or Black Flagged for Bad Sportsmanship you will receive " NO " points.  If you are Dq'ed for weighing up lite at the scales or Black flagged for a safety violation or mechanical infraction you will receive last place points. In the event we do not have enough entries to meet our minimum by the end of the year this will be a trophy class only. Any other awards will be posted. In the event we provide jackets, jacket color cannot be chosen. He or she will receive only one nylon or leather jacket for multiple championships.


Drivers may substitute or appoint a relief driver two times during a season, and still receive the points for that class. This must be made known at time of sign in the relief drivers name and who he is relief driving for and in what class so that you may get credited your points. If they are running multiple classes that driver may still get points in all the classes the relief driver enters.  Everyone knows that deaths and graduation as well as weddings and sickness can mess up a point season  Patriot Speedway recognizes that and makes allowances twice  a season.

Boyd Maloney
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