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March 22, 2018, 07:25:48 PM

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Author Topic: PROTEST PROCEDURE : and how it works  (Read 690 times)
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Protest are put into place to insure competitive fairness. Protest will be handled by the Tech man and or Race Director. Protest will be handled in a respectful manner. If at any time should the parties involved get unruly the Tech man may disqualify the protest and rule it null and void.
Those involved could lose all winnings and positions earned because of a disturbance in the tech area and procedure or for incidences on or related to the race track. That is left to the discretion of the officials over seeing the Race or protest.
 Protest related to class participant's age or eligibility should be done so before a class in question is ran. Not after the fact hoping for a easy disqualification. Parents are urged to have in their possession at all times a minors Birth Certificate to prove date of birth.
 Driving infractions and penalties are handled by the track staff in as Flagman and corner workers. All calls here are final......Just like in baseball.  Scoring staff along with the Flagman will be in charge of laps ran, and running order and final finishing positions. Verbal discussions are encouraged if you think we have made a mistake but yelling cursing and gestures will not be tolerated. Adjustments here will be made as necessary to ensure operational fairness and efficiency.
Tech inspectors  may require any competitor to submit to technical inspection at any time.
At completion of heat races and Main events top three are required to stay in the impound area until tech man or scale man releases you. If you are submitting a Protest you must remain with your your kart in the impound area also.

  $150 to protest $50 to accept. This is for a complete tear down. And will happen as Described..... All protest must be made before the last kart crosses the scales.  You must be in the money or capable of moving into the money to protest.
No protesting backwards (this is a grudge pull)   We don’t do that here!!!    Once a protest has been made and money accepted, Protest cannot be withdrawn without consent of party being Protested. You may Protest after heat race and before main but must be done at completion of heat race.

A- a protest does not give you the right to see the other persons engine. It only allows the tear down process to begin and determines the legality of the engine to be determined by the tech man.   NOTE:  If you don't trust the tech man then don't protest !

B- Any disruption of the tech and tear down process may result in the tear down being stopped and the racer or crew causing the disturbance disqualified and judgement passed against them.  If this should happen protest money will be distributed by track officials and it will not be refunded.

C - Tech  will be conducted by Tech man and person representing the engine being teched.
No one else can be in the tech room unless authorized by Tech man or race director.
D - Engines are teched as presented to tech as raced...when you come off scales.
E - Engines will be granted a 10 minute cool down period if needed.
F - Tear down person or individual representing engine must be ready with tear down tools to begin tear down  of engine at completion of event.
G - Individual doing the protesting may be asked to submit to same tech as the type of protest being made.
H - In the event protest is made in the heat ....engine will be marked or sealed and allowed to return to his pit for his next race. There are exceptions and that is at the discretion of officials.
I - If engine is found not to be in compliance with the rules.... engine will be deemed Illegal. Person protesting will get his $150 protest money back.

 The person accepting the protest will forfeit his acceptance fee of  $50

If the engine is found to be legal Protester  will forfeit his $150 protest fee.....$50 of that is retained for tech and tear down fee

The owner of the legal engine gets his $50 acceptance fee back plus $100 of the protest fee

 J - Competitor found Illegal will lose all winnings loss of position and loss of all points for that class for that night.

Boyd Maloney
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