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March 22, 2018, 07:26:19 PM

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Author Topic: CHARGER CLASS RULES : 2017 Patriot Speedway  (Read 1037 times)
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Entry fee per class $10 Insurance $5 Point Fund  $5 Transponder fee at special events $5 Predator engine 212 cc 

Three classes to choose from :

Medium ....350 lbs.

Heavy ....375 lbs.

Super Heavy.... 425 lbs. Driver must weigh 200 lbs.


Age 15 years and up

Maxxis ( EL ) Tires  only ....All four corners

If you run the Clone classes you cannot run the Charger classes. This is an entry level class.



CHARGER CLASS RULES : 2017 Patriot Speedway

Entry fee per class $10 Insurance $5 Point Fund $5 Transponder fee at special events $5

Predator engine 212 cc

Maxxis ( EL ) Tires only ....All four corners

A..Any Non Hemi Predator Head]

B..Stock as supplied from manufacture . Parts may be compared to known stock part.

C...You cannot change or alter or modify any part

D..No Machining of parts, No polishing, No deburring, No sanding, No media blasted parts, No tumbled parts, No honing of cylinder.

E..Governors may be removed in it's entirety

F..No replacement of internal parts, everything remains stock, Camshaft, Flywheel, springs, rocker arms, No aftermarket rings.

G..Gas tank may be removed to run remote tank

H..Top Plate, fuel pump, fuel filter, clutch guard, air filter and air filter adapter only aftermarket parts allowed

I..Fuel lines must be safety tied with tie cable or wire

J...040 no go low speed jet and .048 max high speed jet

K..Any Spark Plug


L..Any open style multi stage Header allowed with adult silencer RLV -8-91

Exhaust must exit end of silencer only, loose or lost silencers at scales is a disqualification.Silencer must remain tight and intact. No coatings allowed No ceramic coating

M....Headers: Big Pipe , w / RLV 8-91 Adult Silencer...22 inches max length cannot extend past rear bumper, must be double nutted on at least one stud or safety wired. Studs may be removed and replaced with all head cap screw bolts of original size and they must be drilled and safety wired. these replacement bolts will stay with the engine in the event of a claim.

N..Header braces recommended but not mandatory

O..Header wrap optional

P..Max inside diameter (.930 )

Q..Header flange max. thickness .510

R..No tape or covering on Recoil cranker assembly

S..Track reserves the right to check and tech any kart at any time during the course of the event and or regardless of finishing position.

T..All Karts are teched as raced as presented at scales concluding an event


Protest fee : $75 .......$30 to accept Protest will include ...Carb check, Spring check, and Running Lift, Removal of crankcase cover and camshaft inspection and Engine Internal.

Protest must be made before last kart crosses scales. Those protested will be allowed time to go to their pits to retrieve acceptance money. Failure of acceptance of protest will result of loss of Points and money or awards earned in that class. ( If you fail Tech and wrong in one class..... you are wrong in all charger classes you ran in that night )

Karts may be held in tech or marked and allowed to return to their pits to race in other classes. (At the desecration of Tech officials )

Track and or tech Officials reserve the right to check any part of engine at any time to ensure compliance of rules.


Three classes to choose from:Med class 350 lbs.... Hvy class 375 lbs...... Super Hvy. class 425 lbs.

Clutch- Shoe clutch only 18 driver...No Disc Clutches

#35 chain only, No skip tooth Axle gears or clutch allowed

Med.....350 lbs .... 18 /  55-57

   Hvy.....375 lbs .....   18 /  57-59

   Super Hvy....425 lbs....18 / 59-61

FUEL: Regular 87 to 93 octane  gasoline to be tested to a known standard Designated Fuel stop is Flying J on Exit 102........ at stop light at bridge at Exit 102 just before you reach access road to track.

Boyd Maloney
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