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March 22, 2018, 07:24:00 PM

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Author Topic: GENERAL RULES A to Z :  (Read 723 times)
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Our Track is an NKA (National Karting Alliance ) Rules track :with the exception of just a few track options you will be teched by NKA rules.If you are running an AKRA rules engine you must specify before Tech. and will be teched by AKRA rules.For more information on the National Karting Alliance (NKA) go to NKA on line.com and go to the Trak Book section for all rule info. GENERAL RULES:  A to Z These rules are in place to conduct a safe and fun race and conduct business in a professional manner. Any violation is cause for disciplinary action, discharge from the race or the entire facility. You understand we reserve the right  to refuse service at any time if we deem necessary.
A. No alcoholic beverages allowed on premises
 B. No open flames as in torches to heat tires, charcoal grills are okay.
    1..No working on kart once you enter the track.With the exception of putting on a chain or removing     damaged body parts. No tools allowed.
    2..If your chain comes off you will be allowed to put it back on once.... unless under a caution. The second time it comes off you must exit the track.
    3..You are allowed two cautions on the third time you are credited with a caution you will be black flagged.
    4...If your kart fails to crank or you fail to answer the call to enter the track with your class... you will be given two laps to comply.... you will go to  the rear of the field  to start instead of your starting position.

C. No karts driven across scales, Kill engine and push across to be weighed. No one allowed inside the scale area only the driver and Kart.
D. No bikes or skate boards or pedal scooters allowed in grid,Registration and concession areas. 4- wheelers and motorized vehicles allowed but you must have  a valid drivers license to operate and operate in a slow and safe manner.
E. No fighting, Violators will be arrested and charged as needed
 F.  No spectators allowed inside the restricted area to grid. Only one crew member or cranker per race vehicle on grid.
G. No  kart buggies inside the restricted area at entrance of grid.
H. Profanity will not be tolerated.
 I. Insurance must be secured at registration before the driver/ participant can enter the racing surface.
 J.  No Insurance money refunded once your kart  rolls unto the racing surface.
 K.  No money refunded from your entered class once you practice, you may choose to change classes up until registration closes.  But no money will be refunded.  No class changes once registration is closed.   REASON: ( payoff is figured at this time and pay envelopes would have to be recounted )
 L.  Pay off will be ready as soon as your main event is cleared at the scales..... Any payout not picked up will be available for 3 race dates. After that time it becomes property of Patriot Speedway.
 M.  Armbands must be worn visibly, once inside the gate.
N.  In the event of Rain outs, these will be taken care of on that race night. If you leave without redemption, No money will be refunded or gate admission tendered at a later date. Do not lose your armband, Money cannot be refunded without arm band.
O.  We are not responsible for accidents or lost or stolen property while you are a guest at this track. You are responsible for securing your property and conducting yourself in a reasonable and safe manner. Racing is a dangerous sport with the possibility of death or injury. Drivers and spectators  assume and except these risk upon entry of this facility.
 P.  Fencing is in place as a barrier or a crowd control for restricted areas. Do not climb over the fences and parents are expected to keep their minor children from climbing and playing on the fences.
Q.  Parents are responsible for the actions of any minor child while at this facility including vandalizing.
R.  Parents must sign release forms for minor child before allowed to compete in competition or enter the racing surface. If your child is Racing, Parents should have in their possession  at all times a birth certificate for a minor child.
S.  Safety equipment is the sole responsibility of the participant but must comply with sanctioning body rules as well as Track specific Rules.
 T.  Track workers are protected under the same laws that pertain to officials that officiate any sports event. Any assault or attack will result in  arrest and prosecution of violators to the fullest extent of the law.
 U.  Oil barrels are provided at numerous places around the pit areas for discharge of used oil, draining or pouring of waste oil on the ground is a crime.
V.  Trash barrels are provided, " Your Mom doesn't work here" so please put all trash  in the barrels or at least in a box or trash bag beside the trash can.
W. No one may climb the flag tower or enter the scoring area during an event This is a Restricted Area. Without permission, No exceptions.
X. Distracting the flagman,yelling at him or obscene gestures or disrupting him during a racing event will not be tolerated. And is cause for disqualification of the driver and crew involved or removal of spectator.
Y. Drivers you are responsible for the conduct of your team and you will be held accountable.
Z. Anyone who races at Patriot Speedway is required to know these rules and ignorance of these rules is no excuse.
*We reserve the right to add rules as needed to insure safety and operational fairness.

Thank you for your support.

Boyd Maloney

Patriot Speedway.

Boyd Maloney
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