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March 22, 2018, 07:22:48 PM

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Author Topic: Pee Wee Class Complete Rules:  (Read 818 times)
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    This class is designed for the beginner kart racer, ages 5-7 giving them the opportunity to learn driving and racing skills at an early age for a season or two before moving them up to the upper level Jr. classes.

     In the Jr. class most kids will struggle to compete with the slightly older and more experienced drivers, if they have less than perfect skills and equipment.  This class is designed with safety as the utmost concern and speed being less emphasized.  The speed will be regulated by track officials.

     This class is not about winning, it is about learning.  Parents are urged to teach good sportsmanship and driving techniques rather than the "win at all cost" attitude.  Learning to finish a race, obeying and understanding the flags, getting on and off the track, running in traffic, and passing safely is of the utmost importance.

     As in every class there are certain rules that are applied to make a class competitive and safe.  These rules will be strictly enforced by our tech personnel.  Rules may change at anytime to ensure a safe, equal playing field for all racers.  Do not cheat your child out of a good finishing position by being outside the rules.  Do not straddle the fence on the rules.  If you do not know, ask us.  There are no shades of gray.  It will either be right or wrong.  If it is not written in the rules, do not assume it is OK.  There is nothing worse than telling a child they were disqualified because the parent failed to interpret the rules correctly.

     The rules are written to be simple as possible and still cover all areas.  rules should not have to be complicated to compete in this class.  This will give the beginner's parent (crew chief) as well as the beginner drivers a chance to learn and grow together, preparing them to become our future racing champions.  This class  is designed  as a exhibition only class and the kids are awarded all the same (participant award) rather than a first, second and third place finish.  This class is generally a non points class and non paying class (money).  Some tracks may decide to charge a point  fee and provide some form of trophy or award at end of season.  Paying money in this class is highly discouraged.

     We wish you good luck and a safe racing season.

Tech Official : Boyd Maloney



Pee Wee....  OPEN CLUTCH ...GEAR RULE...17/ 69  (no skip tooth on clutch or axle gears) Clone engine---  235 lbs.... Red Plate (.375) w/ RLV B-91 mini silencer,

1.  Ages 5-7. Must show proof of age.  Copy of birth certificate should be with the parents at the track at all times.  Some tracks will require a copy of the certificate to be on file.  Parents must sign minor release form.

2.  Safety apparel will include:

     Full face helmet, which must be Snell or SFI 24-1  approved, and meet current date requirements, these helmets are youth specific helmets, must    have neck brace, gloves, racing jacket or full racing suit.  If jacket is

     used, full length pants must be worn without torn knees or ragged material exposing flesh.  No shorts, "knee length" pants.  Shoes should be racing

     shoes or tennis shoes fully laced.

3.  Long hair must be contained inside of helmet, jacket and under neck brace.

4.  All karts are subject to tech inspection at any time.  Track officials can reject or refuse any entry.

5.  Driver and parent must attend driver meeting prior to race event.  Parents are responsible for keeping up with rules and compliance.

6.  weight:    All weight must be painted white and bolted to kart with 5/16 bolts and "double nutted"
     or drilled & keyed.

7.  drivers are recommended to practice at least once before entering race.

8.  Four numbers must be present-rear, both sides, and right front nose area.  Number on rear of kart must be able to be seen clearly from the tower.

     Number panel on rear of kart must be full size (not cut down), black with white numbers or white with black numbers.  Full size 6" numbers must be
     used.  Anything less is unacceptable.

9.  Jr. bodies must meet Jr I & Jr II rules.    Jr body maximum height 14" ....measured on a flat surface from ground to the highest  point checked    anywhere on the body.  No portion of the body can be higher than 14". Measurements are to be taken with tires mounted on kart with air pressure as raced. No fairings or windshields allowed.

If you have not raced here before and you do not know the rules, we will give you one race to get in compliance.( Exception would be special event or point race )

10. Tires and wheels:  5 or 6 inch only - 10" maximum wheel wheel width.  36" circumference max.

11. Tach is optional, and must not block drivers view.

12. Steering wheel:  Open top recommended.  Must be circular shape minimum of 10" w/3 spoke design or butterfly w/4 spoke design.

13. Fuel: Clone engines gasoline only "87 - 93 octane" Gasoline must be purchased at the designated location ( Flying J Station at exit 102)... and will be checked to a known standard.

14. Oil:  No flammable hot oils.  Oil subject to Tech.

15. Chain: #35 only

16. Chain guards are mandatory on engine

17. Oil catchers mandatory

18. Speedway bumpers highly recommended on rear


Copyright February 2006

     Updated October 2014

     Updated December 2014


           Boyd Maloney     Tech Director  NKA


Boyd Maloney
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