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March 22, 2018, 01:52:19 AM

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Author Topic: Out of the Box Predator Rules  (Read 3923 times)
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Predator Rules/"Out of the Box"
1.   The engine must be ran out of the box.
2.   The governor must be connected and operational.
3.   The air filter and sock must be installed per factory.
4.   The engine must have a key way as installed by factory on the fly wheel.
5.   The engine must pass a governor test on the stand if asked 5500 max.
6.   Any engine can be claimed by a racer in the field after qualifying or race.
7.   Claim price $140 tech receives $20/ engine may be raced if claimed at Q.
8.   Probation if caught cheating, no pay out for 6 months. Second time suspended from class for one year.
9.   Track can claim any engine or in pre announced races require any participant to run a track supplied engine or swap with a competitor in the class.
10.   You may disconnect vent tube on tank.
11.   You may disconnect throttle stop screw.
12.   You must run the factory gas tank.
13.   You can only bolt on a chain guard, no after-market parts allowed.
14.   You may disconnect wire used for oil sensor and tape it.
15.   You must run a 18/56 gear in 350 weight division. 
16.   You must run a 18/58 gear in 375 weight division
17.   You must run a 18/60 in the 425 weight division
18.    Maxxis EL tires only, no recaps.
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Brad Bracken

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How may karts for out of the box? 350 & 375?

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June 28th since the question was asked.. Guess that sums it up.

Dwyane Jones
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