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March 22, 2018, 07:18:24 PM

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Author Topic: "LEGGS" With LEGGS Racing Engines  (Read 3380 times)

Jr. Member

Posts: 52
Real Name: Earl Derrick
I dont get on here alot anymore but i got to give credit where credit is due and i dont think LEGGS gets recongnized enough!!

Congrats on a clean sweep in lite/med/hvy/super hvy/ animal champ at I-20 Kartway, with that bein said 3 of the 5 classes ran LEGGS Racing engines finished 1-2-3 This guy is the most hard working and determined engine builder in SC far as i am concerned and customers like myself thank u for all your hard work! And the "HP" speaks for itself, kinda of nice the whole "LEGGS" team work together well and pulled it off last night!

Im sure other of your customers will comment on this and say same thing i just wanted to bring it to your attention!
Earl Derrick DKS Kartshop!

Earl "The Legend" Derrick
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Posts: 12
Real Name: Brandon Snow
I couldn't agree more, the leggs hp I had on lastnight was unmatched and there's no better person out there! Took the win in lite, Medium, and Heavy and leggs made sure to fix any issues I had! between me and Pnut with 1/2 finishes all night both on horsepower by leggs! I'll never change! Keep up the hard work leggs, it doesn't go Unnoticed
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